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Interested in sharing your love of art through teaching? We invite you to submit a proposal for a workshop at the Harlow! Artists of any medium are welcome to apply.


Please thoroughly read our workshop policy below before submitting a proposal via our workshop proposal form.



A submitted proposal does not guarantee your workshop will be added to the Harlow’s schedule. Workshops are considered and chosen based on a variety of factors, including : teaching experience, quality of work, community interest, and cost. 


Harlow Staff Responsibilities :

  • Harlow Staff will handle registration and student payments. Harlow Staff will pay instructor via check on the day of the workshop.

  • Harlow Staff will promote the workshop through the Harlow’s website, social media and email list. Promotional materials will be shared with instructors, who are encouraged to use the materials to promote the workshop.

  • Harlow Staff will be available for general setup / cleanup assistance.

Workshop Cost / Stipend :

  • The Harlow will work with instructors to determine these costs.


Schedule :

  • Workshops are preferably held on Saturdays from 10a - 1p, though alternative times + dates are possible.


Set-up/Clean up :

  • Instructors are expected to set up and clean up the space before and after the workshop. The Harlow will take a $50 clean-up fee out of the instructor’s stipend if the gallery is left in disarray.


Available Equipment & Facilities :

  • 5 folding tables

  • 30+ folding chairs

  • Wifi 

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • Air Conditioner/Heater

  • Restroom

  • Kitchen Sink

  • Microwave

  • Street parking / free public lots


Additional Materials:  

The Harlow is able to provide additional basic materials (for example : paper, pencils, paint). Instructors are expected to provide any necessary specialty materials.


Limited Storage :

The Harlow has limited storage capacity and cannot provide class instructors with storage for supplies or equipment at this time. Instructors and students will need to take all supplies and projects with them at the end of the class.

Submit a workshop proposal using our workshop proposal form.

Questions? Email :

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