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Members Gallery : Marc Poirier

On View : August 2022

Gallery Hours : Thursday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm

The Harlow's 'Members Gallery' showcases a different artist member each month. In August, the Harlow is excited to exhibit artwork by Marc Poirier.

About Marc Poirier

The subjects I enjoy painting are the ones that people hurry to drive by on their way to work. I'm attracted to old homes worn rough with time and neglect with a gnarly centuries old oak tree in the yard. Crooked archaic telephone poles strung with a tangle of power lines that carve up the sky. My painting style is sometimes as rough as my subject matter; where paint is quickly applied to canvas and then scraped around with a palette knife. When I work plein air my paint is applied impasto style which resonates well with my focus which is more on the feeling and energy of a place instead of getting lost in it's details.

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