CURATOR: art + gender


Curated by Susan Leslie Maasch. Susan studied Art History and her mother was a fine artist who majored in painting and sculpture. Susan started exhibiting art in New Haven Connecticut in 1988. She owned two galleries in Maine with a range of contemporary art from 1996 through 2016. She enjoyed a large supportive audience and critical attention for her solo and group exhibitions.

Susan Maasch is the founder of the Trans Youth Equality Foundation which was established in 2007. Her office is in Portland Maine and advocates for transgender and non binary children and youth in Maine and beyond in their schools, communities, faith communities and homes. She co directed this foundation with good friend Jack Montgomery, a lawyer who cares about civil and human rights and as a fine art photographer told the stories of many trans people and children through his powerful portrait works. Together they built a foundation that was one of the first in our country and still going strong.

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