MAY 7 : Artist Caroline Boylston & La Nef Chocolate Pop Up

La Nef Chocolate has chosen former Spindleworks Artist Caroline Boylston's artwork to feature on their chocolate bar packaging. Join us at the Harlow to celebrate Caroline! Come meet the artist, check out her striking artwork, and sample some delicious chocolate!

Date : Saturday, May 7

Time : 12:00p - 3:00p

Location : Harlow Gallery, 100 Water Street, Hallowell Maine


Caroline Boylston has lived in New Jersey, Maryland, California, Japan, and now, Maine.

She can usually be found painting 'blocks' (small 3''x3'' pieces of wood) with several coats of acrylic paint. Painted thickly, but often leaving a 'window' of another color in the center, her works are open to interpretation and visually addictive; often viewers find themselves putting several together, creating their own family of blocks.

Another favorite theme is that of a tree or flower, perhaps visiting memories of California and Japan. She has shown in Maine, Maryland, New York and in New Zealand where she has attended winter programs for 7 years.

Caroline's recent large sculpture sold through Dow Gallery in Deer Isle. The sculpture was mounted onto the purchaser's barn.

A float Caroline helped paint for Brunswick's all-species parade.


La Nef Chocolate was founded on Monhegan Island, Maine by Mandy and Dylan Metrano in the summer of 2018. Both are artists and came to chocolatiering wanting to unite many creative interests into a business that could sustain them both creatively and financially, year-round. As appreciators of art in many forms, they knew from the start that art and artists would be at the center of their business. They collaborate with visual artists to create their package designs and release music in MP3 form in collaboration with musicians, hoping La Nef customers will discover new artists to support and collect.

La Nef is committed to conservation, sustainability and community building. They use biodegradable and recyclable packaging, source high quality ingredients, and deal in direct trade for fair treatment of farmers. La Nef supports artists and non-profits that are doing work that they believe in through partnerships and collaborations.

“Isle La Nef” was the name given to Monhegan in 1605 by the explorer Samuel de Champlain.

Now based in Bath, Maine, La Nef Chocolate has recently been featured in Maine Magazine, Down East Magazine, and the New York Times' T Magazine.